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Nov 20, 2008 - Conversations, Parenting    No Comments

Conversations with Georgia: Who body else?

The conversation about who else goes to gymnastics. It goes along the lines of…

G: And Anwen will be there, and Shirley will be there.

G: Mummy, who body else will be there?

Interestingly – if you stop to think about it, ‘who body else’ does make sense if it follows on from the ‘Anybody else?’ question.

Nov 20, 2008 - Conversations, Parenting    No Comments

Conversations with Georgia: Quatre or Cut

Listening to our French CD – Salut Serge in the car, we have learnt to count along in French.

“Un, deux, trois… “and Georgia automatically says ‘Quatre’.

G: Mummy, what is Quatre?

Me: Quatre is four – one two three four

G: No, cut is blood!

The joys of being multi-lingual!

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Conversations with Georgia: A Cunning Plan

I guess Georgia has twigged that it’s more fun to share a bed.

G: Mummy, why does Jay still sleep in a cot?

Me: Oh yes..I think he is getting too big for his cot now. He will have to move to a bed soon.

G: Shall we sell him my flower bed?

Me: Oh and where will you sleep then?

G: In the big bed with Mummy and Daddy.

A Gender Change?

A couple of mornings ago, downstairs in the kitchen, Georgia announces very confidently,
“Mummy’s a boy!”
So I ask her, “Oh, when did I become a boy?”
To which her immediate reply was “On Sunday. When Daddy became a girl!”

An appointment to see the Queen…but

she wasn’t there!

We stopped at Windsor on the way back from Croydon. Being able to step straight in to a working living castle is expensive albeit fascinating.

There have been some changes at Windsor since I last visited in 2004, there’s now the Moat Garden, which looked very pretty over the castle wall, but most of the exhibits and the format of the tour pretty much stayed the same.

While we were there, we made it in time for the changing of the guard, which in itself was heart-throbbing (thank the drums) and very colourful. Unfortunately after about five minutes, Georgia decided she didn’t like the drums – they were too loud. Luckily neither of us were too fussed about seeing the whole changing of the guard thing so we quite happily went on our way. At least it meant that we didn’t have to heave and push with the throng of people when the crowd dispersed.

We made our way in to St George’s chapel, at which point Georgie remembers that she’s here to see the Queen. We had explained to her that this was where the Queen lived and reminded her of the nursery rhyme about the little pussy cat who visits the queen. 

Inside the chapel she sees two chaplains and says to her daddy, “Can we ask them, where is the Queen?”
To which her daddy says, “Ok, you ask the lady where the Queen is and say that you’d like to see the Queen”

So up she totters to this kindly elderly lady and says “I’d like to see the Queen, please?”
Thankfully this lady very politely says,”Oh dear, I’m sorry but the Queen is away on her holidays at the moment. She’s up at Balmoral in Scotland having her holiday.”

Georgie nods, turns around, looks at me and says, “The Queen is busy right now”

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Good day, how is your family?

The words from Disney’s Beauty and the Beast song have been fervently sung these past few days. And judging from Georgia’s French pronounciation, I figured perhaps it’s time to expose her to a third language – Francais…

So tentatively we start her out saying…

“Bonjour, Je m’apelle Georgia-mae” -complete with French accents on her name.
She manages exceedingly well, only to continue with “And what about Mama Mirabelle?”

Happy happy happy!

The wisdom of our children forever astounds.

A couple of days ago, after a fairly traumatic day which involved my often shouting – No! No! No! to Georgia, we had a very enlightening conversation. I’m sure all Parenting Experts will at this point say ‘She’s challenging her boundaries’.

I asked her, “Do you like Mummy being angry?”

Her immediate vehement response, “No!” and then she goes on to say…

“I like mummy to be happy happy happy, and daddy and Georgie to be happy happy happy!”

Now, please tell me, how do I help her maintain this as a life-long policy?

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A little friend – Ixchell

After her first day at nursery last week, Georgia came back telling me about her friend Ixchell.

The conversation went along the lines of

Ixchell has a Mr Men sah (shirt) and Georgia has a princess sah!

When Georgia first mentioned Ixchell last week, I wasn’t sure if Ixchell was an actual person, whether she was one of the little ones or perhaps one of the grown-ups….I’m pleased to report, Ixchell is in fact a sweet bubbly little girl who upon seeing Georgia again today – excitedly waved her hands and said “Georgia-mae!”

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Georgraphy for a 2.5 year old….

Another conversation that took place this morning on the way to ‘school’

G: Where is Undy?
Me: In Monmouth
G: Where is Monmouth?
Me: In Wales
G: Where is Wales?
Me: In the UK.
G: Where is the UK?
Me: That’s where we are now…
G: Where does Ah Kong live?
Me: In Penang…

We SO REALLY need to get a world map.