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A Cello on Approval!

We had quite a day out today – — decided to have dim sum for lunch – hadn’t had it for ages and we went to Bristol which is across the Severn Bridge (30-40 mins drive) not that far but it does cost 5.40 to cross the bridge – we used to go to Bristol really often when we were both working as we had the bridge tag which was paid monthly so the weekend crossing didn’t really add to the cost – but lately it’s counting pennies ūüėÄ

So anyway – fab news is — i figured while we were there, we’d try to get to the (Bristol Violins) violin/cello shop for Georgia to be sized up for a cello – and woo hoo they actually had an 1/8th cello in.

And initially the man said that she looked a bit small but she was quite a natual with it.
It was rather pricey – nearly ¬£300 so we weren’t really looking at buying it – but asked about options cause they do a rental scheme too.
But the guy, Neil, I think his name was, he was not too sure about how well she was sized up and recommended that we come in to meet the professional cellist — so we’ve an appointment on June 6th to see Juliet the cellist.

And we were just going to leave without the cello Рand Georgie was really keen on going home with one. And they had a fabulous suggestion Рthey allowed us to have the cello on approval Рwhich means basically we got it on loan and cost all of £3! for insurance!

We got home pretty late and Georgia immediately wanted to play it – so we set it up and sat her down on her chair and I was very surprised – she’s actually quite good a producing sounds! – She doesn’t bow very well – as in the bow does run up and down where it shouldn’t but other than that – she seems very natural at it – which is quite amazing.
So anyway – we’re heading back to Bristol on the 6th of June to have more advice and perhaps find out more about possible teachers who will take her on at this stage.

I had a little play around and i’m glad i still remember bits from my uni days … so i think we’ll be playing a little every day and see how it goes!

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Trial at Undy Nursery – 1/4/2009

Having arrived back from a busy London trip on Tuesday, 31st March, we were lucky to have managed to pull off the Undy Nursery trial session without too much challenge.

Given that 1-3pm is usually nap time РGeorgia did exceedingly well, and was very well behaved at the trial session. She was not particularly keen on letting me go initially but after hanging about for half an hour, I managed to convince her that I needed to use the loo at home, and she was quite happy to stay at nursery for about an hour more before I came to pick her up.

So the trial session went well – now to see how actual nursery goes! Goodbye afternoon naps!

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Conversations with Georgia: Mummy ate a Ladybug…

We were on our way to the Rogiet train station when we had this conversation.
G: Mummy, you had to go to the surgery and Daddy and I went shopping.
Me: Oh yes…
G: And when you were not well, did you eat a ladybug?
Me: What? Why did I eat a ladybug?
G: You were not well – you had a ladybug.

Then it occurs to me that we have been telling Georgia that when people are ill they have a bug…I suppose by natural extension it means they have swallowed a ladybug, of course!

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First Day of Sunshine 2009!

A beautiful day of sunshine and temperatures of 12 degrees! We went out without coats and played in the park.
Went to McD’s for a treat and got some gardening gloves – don’t be silly – of course they had to be pink!

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In a Big Girl Bed now…

The Tomy bed guard came off¬†about a week¬†before Christmas when Georgia decided that she was going to be a big girl now and sleep in a ‘Big Girl Bed’.

It has worked well so far with the duvet pinned in the sides of the bed to keep her from rolling off – it hasn’t happened yet…fingers crossed!

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Conversations with Georgia: Something Interestable…

This weekend we tried making Char Siew Pau from scratch with dough mixed in the breadmaker. Georgia helped by rolling out the dough balls in to flat round shapes while i filled it with our home-cooked Char Siew.

After finishing our Pau making session, Georgie decides that there has to be more to do, so she asks…

“Mum, can I do something interestable next please?”

I think interestable is supposed to be interesting.

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Conversations with Georgia: How to spell Smarties

Sunday 14 Dec 2008

G: Mum, how do you spell Smarties?
Me: Ok, you look for the letters and I will tell you the sounds…

We managed to spell Smarties together with Georgie finding all the letters in the word herself and arranging them in the right order too!

We’ve a Smartie here!

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Conversations with Georgia: Who body else?

The conversation about who else goes to gymnastics. It¬†goes along the lines of…

G: And Anwen will be there, and Shirley will be there.

G: Mummy, who body else will be there?

Interestingly – if you stop to think about it, ‘who body else’ does make sense if it follows on from the ‘Anybody else?’ question.

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Conversations with Georgia: Quatre or Cut

Listening to our French CD – Salut Serge in the car, we have learnt to count along in French.

“Un, deux, trois… “and Georgia automatically says ‘Quatre’.

G: Mummy, what is Quatre?

Me: Quatre is four – one two three four

G: No, cut is blood!

The joys of being multi-lingual!