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Trial at Undy Nursery – 1/4/2009

Having arrived back from a busy London trip on Tuesday, 31st March, we were lucky to have managed to pull off the Undy Nursery trial session without too much challenge.

Given that 1-3pm is usually nap time – Georgia did exceedingly well, and was very well behaved at the trial session. She was not particularly keen on letting me go initially but after hanging about for half an hour, I managed to convince her that I needed to use the loo at home, and she was quite happy to stay at nursery for about an hour more before I came to pick her up.

So the trial session went well – now to see how actual nursery goes! Goodbye afternoon naps!

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In a Big Girl Bed now…

The Tomy bed guard came off about a week before Christmas when Georgia decided that she was going to be a big girl now and sleep in a ‘Big Girl Bed’.

It has worked well so far with the duvet pinned in the sides of the bed to keep her from rolling off – it hasn’t happened yet…fingers crossed!

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Conversations with Georgia: How to spell Smarties

Sunday 14 Dec 2008

G: Mum, how do you spell Smarties?
Me: Ok, you look for the letters and I will tell you the sounds…

We managed to spell Smarties together with Georgie finding all the letters in the word herself and arranging them in the right order too!

We’ve a Smartie here!

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Counting….1, 2, 3…

Georgia has been able to recite numbers from 1 untill approximately 20 for some time now. However, it is only recently that she has started to formulate some sort of understanding of what these numbers mean.

She has been trying hard to use her fingers to represent these numbers and can now successfully use the V sign for two, and progressively move on to 3, 4 and 5.

Earlier on, she had to use her other hand to help keep the right number of fingers up. Frustrations did mount when her thumb wasn’t quite long enough or agile enough to hold down the other fingers in the representations of two and three….”thumb-thumb needs to kiss the other fingers”

Well done Georgie!

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A little friend – Ixchell

After her first day at nursery last week, Georgia came back telling me about her friend Ixchell.

The conversation went along the lines of

Ixchell has a Mr Men sah (shirt) and Georgia has a princess sah!

When Georgia first mentioned Ixchell last week, I wasn’t sure if Ixchell was an actual person, whether she was one of the little ones or perhaps one of the grown-ups….I’m pleased to report, Ixchell is in fact a sweet bubbly little girl who upon seeing Georgia again today – excitedly waved her hands and said “Georgia-mae!”

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St. Johns – the trial – Wednesday 2nd July 2008

After quite a bumpy start, with rather poor communication from St Johns wrt to trial session dates and times and other expectations, Georgia had a fabulous one hour trial.

I spent most of that time in Jan Harvey’s office – well out of sight – perhaps it’s a case of ‘out of sight, out of mind’ – poor mummy!

In that hour, she planted a ‘nut’ and managed to wet her sleeves playing with bubbles….so all in all a great start.

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W-H questions…Where?

This morning, in the car…

G: Where is Bambi?
Me: In the forest.
G: Where is the forest?
Me: In the country-side
G: Where is the country-side?
Me: Where there are no houses….

Note to self — perhaps – ‘Bambi’s in the book’ would have been a more accurate answer which would not have had any more follow-ons

Books read:
Alphabets – U, V

From the library –
Curious George catches a train
Postman Pat and the big butterflies