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Mar 11, 2008 - Conversations, Parenting, Random    No Comments

Being polite…

It has always been very important to me to teach Georgia to say “Please” when she wants something and “Thank you” when she’s gotten hold of it.

I didn’t realise how strongly the message had been getting through until yesterday….after doing a half-decent job trimming her fringe (it was getting in to her eyes), she turned to me in all seriousness and said,

“Thank you for cutting my hair”

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In the Piano…

Sometimes when we’re in the musical mood, Georgia and I play the piano together. We bang away making up tunes…and sometimes I play bits of her favourite songs.

Tomorrow from Annie (The Musical) is an all-time favourite, and as I played the melody from the show, Georgia tried to lift up the piano keys. Turning to me with a very serious look and a nod of her head she says, “Annie in there!”

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Conversations with Georgia: All Men Belong to Somebody

Our most enlightening (well, enlightening for me at least!) conversations often occur in the car on the way home after dropping Daddy off at the train station at 6.55 in the morning.

This conversation started like most others with Georgia asking a question

G: “Who’s that?”

Me: “A man” [A man walking along the side of the road]

G: “Whose man is that?”

Me: “Do all men belong to somebody?”

G: “Yes!”

Me: “Oh so you mean like Daddy belongs to Georgia and Mummy?”

G: “Yes! Whose man is that?”

Me: “I guess he must be Somebody’s man then…”

Well, that seemed to satisfy her.

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Georgia's puns

Centre – Santa Claus

Every morning, when we brush teeth before bath-time, we say

“Left, left left, Centre centre, centre, right right right.”

Lab (glasses) – (mummy’s) lap

When she found my laboratory safety spectacles, Georgia asked what they were, upon being told that they were lab glasses, she patted my lap and sit on mummy’s lap.

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Conversations with Georgia: Georgia's a bird.

This conversation occured this morning after  a short discussion on birds and their feathers.

G: “Georgia’s a bird too”

Me: “Oh you want to be a bird?”

G: “Yes – fly”

Me: “Where do you want to fly to?”

G: “Penang – see Mama in Penang”

Note – a long way to fly – over 6000 miles to fly from the UK to Penang, Malaysia to see Mama – (maternal grandmother).

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Conversations with Georgia: Mummy, go work

An almost 2-year old Georgia started this conversation in the car after dropping Daddy off to work, at the train station.

“Mummy, go work”

The cogs in my head start turning….”Do you want mummy to go to work?”

G: “Yes!”

Me: “Don’t you want mummy to stay at home with you?”

G: A hesitant…”no”

Me: “But if i go to work, you have to start going to nursery. I will have to drop you every morning at the nursery. Do you want that?”

G: “Mummy go nursery too…”

So there you have it – I need a new job at the nursery!