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Jack and the Beanstalk: Fee-Fi-Fo-Fum

Over the past week, Undy Nursery had been working on a ‘Jack and the beanstalk’ theme.

They read the story, planted beans, watch a show on TV. Georgia is already familiar with the story from an activity sticker book she got about a year or two ago.

This morning, she sang the Fee-fi-fo-fum song and completely had me in stitches. Why, you’d wonder would this song –

I smell the blood of an Englishman
Be he alive or be he dead
I’ll have his bones to grind my bread

 be so funny?

only because – we live in Wales and Undy Nursery School is a ‘Welsh’ School.

I did think they were taking the Welsh-English discontent to extreme until I found out that the words were the original!


is chocolate!

We often have ‘hidden’ conversations – particularly when trying to decide if Georgia is allowed a treat, usually, chocolate. The problem with that is her ears are so sharp she picks up any hint of the word so you can’t actually say it and then decide not to give it to her.

So … we took to spelling C-H-O-C-O. She soon realised that  we were spelling it and she has now started saying, “Georgie wants M-O-C-Y” .

And when you ask her what is M-O-C-Y, she says CHOC-CHOC!

 Addendum – 10th June 2008

G: Georgie want something special.
Me: What is something special?
G: M-O-C-Y
Me: What is M-O-C-Y?
G: Chocolate!

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Stairgate – Down!


As of April 23rd 2008, we no longer have a stair gate.
Georgia is now confident to go down and come up the stairs independently.

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16-month old Fasion Diva

Would you believe that one day short of turning 17 …. months – that is, Georgia has decided, (rightly so, I might add) that I do not have a fashion sense.

There’s something about being a Physical Science Academic that throws fashion out the window. What’s the point when you’re always in a white lab coat or worse, awe-inspiring grubs might be forever stained with UV-reacting silver chloride or potassium permanganate! And so my little one has twigged early on, that my dress sense is not the best or worst still, non-existent!

So yesterday, when I tried convincing her, off-gray long-sleeved t-shirts were necessary, in this mad central-heating induced summer. She shook her head NO! NO! NO! so violently i could not get the t-shirt on. And what did she want??

Her pretty pink, Minnie-Mouse-lounging-in-the-sun t-shirt! (Aunty Mei and Uncle Brendan would be oh!-so proud!)

Well, I gave in, clearly the girl knows how to dress up, more than I can say for me!

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Sore thumb – What's a Thumbsucker to do??

Just keep on sucking and scream when it starts to hurt! SIMPLE.

 Well that’s Georgia’s solution.

It doesn’t really matter that her left thumb is swollen and has the ugliest welt in the world. She will only suck her left thumb. She tried for two seconds to work on her right index finger….but i guess that didn’t taste quite as nice

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A 'pooppy' adventure, a first shower

Georgia, do you want potty?

No answer….

Georgia, do you want potty? No? When you want, you say ‘pot pot’ OK?

A slight nod and she goes back to tearing books down from the bookshelf.

5 minutes later while I stand at the sink, washing up, an odour permeates all the way to the kitchen.

My first thought

Must be the neighbour

I finish the washing up, hang up the rubber gloves and go and assess the damage to the bookshelf. That’s when I find out, it is NOT a good idea to leave Georgia playing alone without a nappy and without anyone watching her.

We have always managed to ‘catch’ Georgia in time to sit her on the potty for ‘the big one’ and for the first time… there’s poo down her legs, on her pants ….just YUCKS!

Rush up the stairs, two at a time, and swing her in to the bath, shout at DaddyDear to get off the phone to help with the situation.

So G ends up having the first shower of her life, thoroughly enjoying the new rain-like atmosphere in bath and me….well, like a friend says, ‘It’s a good job, we love them so much’ 

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A midnight – Where pain pain?

At first a little sobbing and then curling up and then wild trashing….
We had to turn on the light in the bedroom and then try to wake Georgia up and it took a while.

So questions started …mine,

Are your teeth painful?

Is your tummy pain-pain?

How nice if they could talk and tell you if it was only a nightmare or worse a night terror!