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16-month old Fasion Diva

Would you believe that one day short of turning 17 …. months – that is, Georgia has decided, (rightly so, I might add) that I do not have a fashion sense.

There’s something about being a Physical Science Academic that throws fashion out the window. What’s the point when you’re always in a white lab coat or worse, awe-inspiring grubs might be forever stained with UV-reacting silver chloride or potassium permanganate! And so my little one has twigged early on, that my dress sense is not the best or worst still, non-existent!

So yesterday, when I tried convincing her, off-gray long-sleeved t-shirts were necessary, in this mad central-heating induced summer. She shook her head NO! NO! NO! so violently i could not get the t-shirt on. And what did she want??

Her pretty pink, Minnie-Mouse-lounging-in-the-sun t-shirt! (Aunty Mei and Uncle Brendan would be oh!-so proud!)

Well, I gave in, clearly the girl knows how to dress up, more than I can say for me!

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