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Then….and Now

Quite clearly my first attempt a blogging happened 388 days ago — and died a quick sure death, I did not write again after the first post…it was never published!  So in the spirit of blogging-proper, here it is below in all it’s full glory – unedited. (WARNING – long post!)

15 weeks… in a flash  – written 388 days ago  (see Georgia at fifteen weeks)

Amazing that G is now exactly 15 weeks today.

Time seems to have gone everywhere and nowhere all at the same time…a bizzare phrase I’m sure but you see, every day that I spend at home with baby, i wonder when she’ll next sleep for longer than 20 minutes or if she’ll decide to eat over the next 3 or will it be 4 hours—or maybe less. And yet! at the same time, I can’t help thinking that a significant proportion of my maternity leave is nearly over—and I still hardly know her!

Not to mention this is technically the first blog post! – although I’m hoping to back date things.


Anyway enough said, developments this past week have been many. The course of antibiotics for mastitis finally over, I’m finding that I shall have to supplement with formula unless i want a baby hanging on to me every hour of the day—nice as it may sound the fussy phase of only feeding lying down are not exactly over so putting myself to bed every hour to feed G while nice and relaxing is not exactly practical either.

Yesterday’s visit with the HV was interesting to say the least—Sue (HV) decided G was 15 weeks instead of what should have been 14 weeks and therefore her growth charts which have been so carefully dotted and joined up are wrong for this week (!)—and I said I’m not one who believes in charts—but I guess if things are to be done – they should be done right!
So she’s still in the 75 percentile for her weight which is pretty amazing given that my breasts feel empty most of the time – blame mastitis.

Anyway, HV suggests that it may not be a bad idea to start supplementing with formula as I’ll be back at work in a couple of months and oh—she said we could start G on solids when she’s 17 weeks—HURRAH—I’m looking forward to that.

Georgia has also found her hair! This happens most often with one fist in her mouth and the other (what her daddy calls) twirling her hair except yesterday this twirling turned out to be grabbing HARD—and she screamed and cried – SILLY BILLY—ofcourse is hard not to mention impossible to explain to a 3 month old that if you pull your hair it will hurt!—I tried telling her that a couple of times—so hopefully she’ll get it. She hasn’t done it again today – yet!

Oh well after having downed 4 ounces of formula and a couple of sips of water she’s now sleeping—and I’m off to catch up with reading Time magazine!

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