Conversations with Georgia: Thieves might take my toys

It was bedtime and Georgia was snuggled up in bed with her ‘blankeley’ and tucked in with her duvet. Suddenly her face grows serious..

G: Mum, will thieves come in?
Me: No they won’t (very adamantly self-assured!)
G: Are you sure?
Me: Yes, definitely, as besides, we have nothing that thieves want. Our TV is so old (for the record, it is 10 years old!), we don’t have anything fancy, so there is nothing a thief would want from our house.
G: How come?
Me: Well, theives steal things so that they can sell it on and make money. If there is nothing that is valuable to be taken – they won’t be able to sell it for money.
G: What about my toys???

Note: The downside to constantly reminding her that her toys cost lots of money!

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