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How well do I know my Georgie-girl?

We have long lived with the assumption that putting Georgia in nursery while we both earn enough to maintain our current standard of living was a necessary evil.

Time, or the lack of it, was the main stumbling block….there were never enough hours in the day and we assumed that Georgie would know who we were and how important we are in her life…or so we thought.

But when I decided that work/science/chemistry was not all what life was about and decided that Georgia I would be better off keeping both eyes on Georgia and learning to live with a tighter purse, I came to realise that I hardly knew Georgia. And when I tallied the sum total of waking hours she spent at nursery, I realised she saw her nursery carers more often than she saw us.

So now, after about four weeks being Georgia’s full-time ‘mar-mee’….I have learnt that Georgia likes:

  • Dancing to fancy beats — I have two left feet so she definitely doesn’t get it from me
  • Getting her hands dirty — squishing strawberries and plums or any soft fruit while eating
  • Playing with water — whether washing the car, watering the plants or best of all, soaking in the bath
  • Making a mess — throwing things out of their containers
  • Playing ‘hide and seek’ but only if both mummy and daddy are around — so she can ask one person where the other one is
  • Picking up dirt and wiping things clean — she has a much better sense of neat and tidy than I do!

The laughs and hugs and continuous calls of “Mummy, mummy, mummy….” Definitely a priceless experience.

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