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Never offer two goodies!

Silly mummy – did just that!

For a post-dinner sweetie, I asked my dear child “Would you like Polo or Buttons?”
She thought for a minute then said “Polo!”

“You’re sure, ya? Polo and no Buttons OK?”

“Uh-huh” nodding her head.

So I gave her two Polo mints – they are her absolute favourite! – and off she goes…
Sticks one in her mouth almost finishes it and then decides “I want Buttons! Don’t want Polo!”

So -SPAT! out comes the almost finished Polo and some tears…so I relented. After a discussion about no spitting, she gets a small quantity of Cadbury Milk Buttons in her ‘lunch box’.

Finishing all but one, to save for Daddy….she then decides again that she wants Polo.
Subsequently spends the next 30 minutes in a paddy about having a Polo – to which I do not give in, and actually just leave her alone entirely while I wash up after dinner.

Of course here I am wracking my brains as to the best way to deal with this whole situation ….

Do I ignore it?
Do I confront it?
Do I give in?!

Thankfully, in the end, I didn’t have to do anything. She calmed down sufficiently after her 30 minutes or wailing and whining and by the time I’d tidied up everything she was ready to have a proper conversation again….neither Polo nor Buttons where mentioned again, until bedtime….when she agreed that what she did was “Quite silly!”

To be honest, what I did was quite silly too….

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