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Gymnastics at last

Ever since Georgia watched Hannah do cartwheels down the track off Caldicot Castle, she has been fascinated by gymnastics. After a good month of waiting, we finally had our first session at Kestrel Gymnastics. We went along today with Cary and Anwen and joined the Pee Wees the 2.5 – 3 year old classs – It was a Blast! As it was only Georgia and Anwen in the class they had most of Shirley’s full attention.

Particularly popular was the inflatable track which made walking running and hopping tremendously fun. What I had not counted on was that they would be allowed on the actual gymnastics equipment – but this they did. They were lifted up on the lower rung of the parallel bars and taught to do some basic movements.

Definitely good fun although the distance is rather a bummer — still we will be back again next week for sure.

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