Conversations with Georgia: The Year of the Hedgehog

With Chinese New Year just around the corner, we sat talking about how we could celebrate it in our own way, especially as it’s not a public holiday here. Somehow the conversation progressed from, who we would invite, what we would eat, when we would celebrate to…

Dad: It’s actually ‘our’ year. Year of the Rabbit

G: Why is it your year?

Dad: We were born in the Year of the Rabbit.

G: And me?

Dad: You were born in the Year of  the Dog…

G (at this point looking at little confused): …and after that it’s the Year of the Hedgehog!

Dad: … ????

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  • lol
    I can’t imagine where the hedgehog would have come in the original race…perhaps after the kiwi and the kangaroo!

    • We could potentially create our very own zodiac if we continued 😉 there’s the panda and the Lama too 🙂

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