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Thank you Dirk…

… if it weren’t for you, i would still be a completely guilt-ridden, full-time Academic and a part-time mum.

Today I found an email in my Inbox with an invite through LinkedIn to add Dirk to my network ….

Do you know Dirk?

… and I was really surprised to find that I was no longer annoyed or even remotely angry at Dirk. It would have been a completely different reaction 4 years ago. To say I detested him then was quite an understatement…I physically shook with anger when I encountered him or even saw his name!

Dirk literally was the ‘straw’ that broke the camel’s back. He contributed significantly my decision to leave the Academia.

But 4 years on, I now know it was the best decision in my life.

I spend all my time with the people I love most in the World. We talk and laugh and share and eat. We work for ourselves and have full control of our time, we are happy with our successes and find joy in everyday.

So…once again, I thank you Dirk!

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1 Comment

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