Conversations with Georgia: New School = New Friends, True or False?

You know how it is, people always say ‘Kids are really wise’, I always took it at face value (meaning I thought it might be, but never really bothered to work out why) and then today, the realisation struck me.

In their honesty and directness, children cause encourage us to re-evaluate our thoughts and opinions, indirectly it seems that they are wise, but what happens really, at least I think, is that they raise an issue, give us something to think about then we come to some realisation and attribute it to them.

This is exactly what happened today, in the car going to ballet.

It’s only a 10 minute drive to ballet, but we have often had ‘profound’ conversations, Georgia and I. Conversations between the backseat and the drivers seat…. Today it was about people, more specifically friends.

J, one of the boys in Georgia’s class is leaving, at some point, to another school. I wasn’t sure when so I asked:

Me: Is J still going to school?

G: Yes, why wouldn’t he?

Me: Oh, his mum told me he will be going to another school.

G: I would like to go to another school.

Me: Oh, why? 

G: Because I don’t like some people in my school. Some people are not my friends.

Me: But you do have some very nice friends don’t you?

G: Yes… but there are some people who aren’t my friends. (I think Georgia likes the idea of the universality of Friendship, where everyone is nice and friendly with everyone else)

Ole’ Wise Me: Well, even if you change schools, it doesn’t mean that every one will be nice and will be your friend. There will still be some people who might not be your friend.

And that is the way, all around the World even when you grow up, there will be some people who will be better friends and you will have more time for compared to others whom you might not get along so well with.

I too have some friends I prefer to talk to and some people I just rather not talk to.

G: Who do you prefer to talk to?

… and we go on to have a discussion about who we like talking to.

I shall not name anyone here, if you read this you know who you are, if you don’t read this – you’d better start hey! 😉

Edited (9 March) What completely slipped from the point of this post (blame the lack of sleep!) was that, from that conversation, we came to the realisation and acceptance that we may not always get along or be friends with everyone, and that is perfectly fine too.

Have you had any ‘Aha!’ moments from conversations with your wise kids? Have you learnt something new recently? Tell me more.

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  • I like the idea of the universality of friendship too!!! 🙂

    I can’t think of any wise conversations lately. I rarely have those deep conversations with my kids anymore since I am always overly busy, multi-tasking, not paying attention. I miss them! I will try to slow down and make more time to let the general wisdom flow and I’ll report back! 🙂

  • I look forward to hearing about your ‘deep’ conversations Elena – they happen so unexpectedly! 🙂

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