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Conversations with Georgia: Tongues in School

Of all the things, 4 and 5 year olds get up to in the school yard…

G: Do you know what Mrs Thomas said the other day?
Me: No, what did she say?
G: She said, “Everyone must keep their tongues in their own mouth and NOT touch other people’s tongues with their own tongue!”
Me: Oh…why did she have to say that?
G: Because they were touching other people’s tongues with their own tongue.
Me: !!!

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  • Hilarious. I can imagine them daring each other to stick their tongues out and touch them – five year olds would see that as just a gross, funny thing.

    • LOL! You’ve painted a picture I can’t get out of my head now 😛

  • The Butterfly went through a stage of licking everyone and everything…thank goodness these things pass!

    • Eeeuuu 😉 do you think he might start again, age 5 like they do here 😉
      ‘And this to shall pass’ – I really need to frame it up as a reminder, the only words a parent needs to remember.

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