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Swimming – ASA Awards Stage 3

ASA Awards Stage 3

ASA Awards Stage 3

Georgia asked for swimming lessons after finding out that one of her favourite little people, Owen, goes.

Obviously at age 4, everything sounds like fun and since she absolutely loved swimming, it must be fun too. That was until the ‘hard work’ started! She has asked to stop them a few times, but has never really ‘acted’ up in class, and actually does very well (the competitive spirit helps). Not to mention, after paying a termly fee of £150, you gotta be kidding me, if I let you change your mind on a whim!

So anyway, according to the tick-boxes, Georgia

  • has developed safe entries including submersion.
  • can swimming 10m on front and back,
  • has progressed rotation skills and water knowledge

She still lacks the strength to do the front crawl (completely); although I think being taught how to breathe properly might help (!). She is a natural at breast-stroke and back stroke though.

So after receiving her Stage 3 certificate, she has now decided she would like to do all the other stages, and she’s excited at the thought of swimming in a competition and winning a medal!

Well done Georgie!

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  • This is such a useful skill to acquire at a young age. I know so many adults who can’t swim and, as a result, fear the water. And this is in Trinidad, where you’d think living on a small tropical island would encourage you to learn!

  • Circus Queen, It’s interesting actually, a lot of the swimming teachers we’ve met all seem to say that the younger you start swimming (baby?) the less likely the fear of water. Having said that though, G when through a really long spell of refusing to put her face in water in the swimming pool, although she would do it in the bath.

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