Conversations with Georgia: A forger in the making?

As we had a couple of minutes before getting ready for bed, I offered to read Georgia a story. Any story that she wanted. So she picked up the Monsters Inc. Guide, turned to the front page and this is what we read….

As we get to the bottom of the page, she notices the scrawled signature by Henry J. Waternoose, President & CEO, Monsters, Inc. Curious she asks,

G: What’s that? (pointing to the signature)
Me: That’s called a signature. It’s a special way of writing your name, so only you can do it.

G by now looking dubious, looks at the signature again, then points to it and says,

“But anybody could copy that!”

© 2011, Li-ling. All rights reserved.


  • Remind me not to bring my chequebook and cards to your house! Priceless. 🙂

    • You’re safe for a while, she hasn’t learnt to write in cursive yet 😉 Thanks for stopping by!

  • How clever! You could let her know that the police actually identify forgeries by the signature being TOO perfect of a copy, and that a real person’s signature is going to have small differences every time, so copying it exactly doesn’t work… 😀

    • Hi Elena, ooh..yes good point. I’ll remember to mention that too her.

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