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W-H questions…Where?

This morning, in the car…

G: Where is Bambi?
Me: In the forest.
G: Where is the forest?
Me: In the country-side
G: Where is the country-side?
Me: Where there are no houses….

Note to self — perhaps – ‘Bambi’s in the book’ would have been a more accurate answer which would not have had any more follow-ons

Books read:
Alphabets – U, V

From the library –
Curious George catches a train
Postman Pat and the big butterflies

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To market, to market…

Tuesdays seem to have become our weekly visit to the market and to the library to return our books and borrow new ones.

Cherries were the new thing for Georgia today, bought from the market at £2 per pound. Final conclusion was – They taste like grapes but with large seeds in them. So far, Georgia has only had seedless grapes.

Books read today:
Letters S and T – both recognised.
Numbers 1 to 10.

A library book – I love my bed.


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Beuoo-tee-full Ni-ni

Among Georgia’s favourite food is macoroni – also known as Ni-ni.
However, we have recently taken to being more adventurous and sophisticated in our pasta eating, not least as various pasta shapes were on BOGOF offers.

So we now have Ni-Ni

and Beautiful Ni-ni which is everything else…




And a wonderful website where I learnt all about pasta.



is chocolate!

We often have ‘hidden’ conversations – particularly when trying to decide if Georgia is allowed a treat, usually, chocolate. The problem with that is her ears are so sharp she picks up any hint of the word so you can’t actually say it and then decide not to give it to her.

So … we took to spelling C-H-O-C-O. She soon realised that  we were spelling it and she has now started saying, “Georgie wants M-O-C-Y” .

And when you ask her what is M-O-C-Y, she says CHOC-CHOC!

 Addendum – 10th June 2008

G: Georgie want something special.
Me: What is something special?
G: M-O-C-Y
Me: What is M-O-C-Y?
G: Chocolate!

Notes from a Friday…

After a traumatic first ‘proper’ haircut, in Penang, November 2007, almost 7 months ago, I thought it might be about time Georgia had another trim to her hair. As we discussed it, she said, “Ok – just use small ‘coat’.” Turns out she was frightened/put off by the huge wrap-around cloak that was used. So today at our home hairdressers, Georgia’s hair was cut without much ado in the bathroom, and i’m pleased to say it actually looks half decent! Much the same style, straight very slightly layers at the ends….but about 2 inches shorter.

Looking in the mirror, my very verbal 2-year old says, “It’s nice, but feels funny”.

I had forgotten what that was like — feeling a little different after a haircut.

Other things that happened today, with Dad at home with a day off… a day of baking.

Results: Japanese Souffle CHeesecake/Cottonsoft Recipe and a double recipe of the most divine banana bread with walnuts and sherry-infused raisins. Mmmm….

Books Georgia read today:

Usborne Phonics Series
Ted in a Red Bed
Mouse moves house

Alphabets – L, M
Numbers – 1 to 10

Books Recently enjoyed:

Oliver’s Vegetables
Winnie the Pooh and Tigger Too (2 versions)
Postman Pat’s Busy Week
I love you just the way you are
Floppy Ears
Paddington Bear

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The Dentist – A First Visit

Georgia’s first dental appointment went surprisingly well. She opened wide for the dentist to have a look in her mouth which was a bit iffy — whether she would or not.

Some preparation helped, I’m sure, in the form of the Usborne series The Book of First Experiences -Going to the Dentist which we read last night – carefully edited to leave out the bit about injections and fillings….torturous details can come later!

The few ideas that helped convince Georgia that the dentists is a ‘fun’ place.

  • Has a special chair that goes up and down
  • A bright spotlight that just shines on your mouth
  • Just wants to check that you brush your teeth correctly

All in all, a pleasantly good experience. Even if she did sit in my lap on the dentists special chair….
She did well just opening wide and saying AAAaaa…..

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What are we saying??

Georgia’s phrase for ‘Please include me in the conversation’

Our adult conversations have either been frighteningly child-focused or Georgia is just extremely clued-in. She tends to at most times understand our conversations and even sometimes chips in…But the other day in the car, when we were discussing some business opportunities, following a very silent couple of minutes, Georgia suddenly says,

“What are we saying?? “

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St. Johns on the Hill vs. St. Johns at the Racecourse: Nurseries – A Comparison

Monday 21st of April

St Johns on the Hill, an independent school in Chepstow.

Impressions of St. Johns on the Hill, Glouscester, England. Nursery

A very impressive, new purpose built building housing the nursery in a huge open plan ‘hall’.  The different age group settings, Butterflies (12 weeks – 12 months), Caterpillars (1-2 years), Ladybirds (2-3 years) and Busy Bees (3-4 years) were separated by knee-high latched picket fences. The nursery areas included a sensory room and a soft play room.

What I liked about it:

‘A curriculum’ – an outline of learning topics.
Although at this nursery, this seemed more academic than ‘hands-on’ experiential.

Lots of books, drawing, writing and play material at accesible heights.

Dislikes – none too major, but….

Several staff seemed to be temporary – but this was not mentioned or pointed out.
We were introduced to the staff but were not told their names; although they seemed friendly enough.
Child-staff ratio did not seem to be consistently maintained.

The children seemed content (not necessarily happy) although the 30 minutes or so we were there – the time appeared to be very structured.

Different responses by Jan Harvey wrt to availability.

At first, told oh in september you can have any day any time you want.
And later when asked about application procedure, it became you’ll have to submit the application form and you’ll go on the waiting list and I’ll just go down it and tick them off.

When asked how long she had been at the nursery,  she fobbed of the question with a ‘Oh a very long time, 120 years!’

Impressions of St. Johns on the Racecourse, Chepstow, Wales. Nursery

The racecourse nursery had a lovely manager who ws very helpful and forthcoming with information. Even telling us which days she had available in September. The nursery itself was rather disappointing in comparison. it was small and rather old. And seemed quite messy.

Interestingly, there were very different approaches to the education – Hill emphasising formal learning with a folder of ‘curriculum’ etc while Racecourse was mainly ‘ learn through play’ no actual teaching or writing etc. I think this difference stems mainly from the fact that they are in different countries with different learning priorities!

Apart from a couple of questions wrt to funding (cross border) and time slots, we are likely to put Georgia down for Hill although i’m not too keen on the manager, i’m going on the idea that it’s her key worker or the actual nursery workers who will be more involved in her care and they all seem friendly enough.

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RESEARCHING….Georgia's Favourite Word

At 2 years and 2 months, Georgia is learning to research an awful lot.

Everytime she is asked, “What are you doing?”. Her reply is almost always “Researching.”
We have no idea, where she picked this up from or how she knows how to use the word in context…

  • researches mummy’s purse
  • wants to do research on daddy’s Dell laptop

inevitably to complete the researcher profile she also wants – lab glasses!