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The Dentist – A First Visit

Georgia’s first dental appointment went surprisingly well. She opened wide for the dentist to have a look in her mouth which was a bit iffy — whether she would or not.

Some preparation helped, I’m sure, in the form of the Usborne series The Book of First Experiences -Going to the Dentist which we read last night – carefully edited to leave out the bit about injections and fillings….torturous details can come later!

The few ideas that helpedĀ convince Georgia that the dentists is a ‘fun’ place.

  • Has a special chair that goes up and down
  • A bright spotlight that just shines on your mouth
  • Just wants to check that you brush your teeth correctly

All in all, a pleasantly good experience. Even if she did sit in my lap on the dentists special chair….
She did well just opening wide and saying AAAaaa…..

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