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Mar 21, 2008 - Conversations, Parenting, Random    No Comments

Conversations with Georgia: Ask nicely like Iggle Piggle

Apparently Iggle Piggle from In the Night Garden is polite — even though all he says is — Eek. The conversation went like this… 

G: Close it! Close it!

Me: Hey – that’s not nice. Ask nicely. Say Please close it. You must be polite.

G: Pease… Georgie be polite, like Iggle Piggle.

Me: Oh…is Iggle Piggle polite? (This is a revelation – Iggle Piggle doesn’t actually speak!)

G: Oh yes…he says – Eek.

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Georgia Singing

In case, our readers are concerned, Georgia did NOT have to sing for her supper, and she was eating her jelly dessert at the time of this recording.

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Being polite…

It has always been very important to me to teach Georgia to say “Please” when she wants something and “Thank you” when she’s gotten hold of it.

I didn’t realise how strongly the message had been getting through until yesterday….after doing a half-decent job trimming her fringe (it was getting in to her eyes), she turned to me in all seriousness and said,

“Thank you for cutting my hair”

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Hey there Georgie-girl

When we decided to name our then unborn child Georgia, the only reason for it was that it was the only name we could agree upon based on the long list of parameters, such as ‘not too popular’, ‘sounds nice’, ‘not too girly’… and yes, we do know of the Georgie-porgie nursery rhyme.

Still it is such a pleasant surprise to find so many lovely songs dedicated to Georgia
The current favourite is the Seekers – Hey there Georgie-girl. Lyrics not so nice but lovely rhythm and melody.

On this fab video, Georgia can now correctly identify the guitars and the double bass and bops along very nicely to the singing.

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In the Piano…

Sometimes when we’re in the musical mood, Georgia and I play the piano together. We bang away making up tunes…and sometimes I play bits of her favourite songs.

Tomorrow from Annie (The Musical) is an all-time favourite, and as I played the melody from the show, Georgia tried to lift up the piano keys. Turning to me with a very serious look and a nod of her head she says, “Annie in there!”

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Me's — the new possesive noun

As Georgia’s vocabulary continues to explode at an astounding pace, as it does with most toddlers, it is fascinating to notice that she is not just copying and mimicking what we say but is starting to build some sentence structure and grammar, albeit miniature versions.

That’s how Me’s becomes the new possesive noun.

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How well do I know my Georgie-girl?

We have long lived with the assumption that putting Georgia in nursery while we both earn enough to maintain our current standard of living was a necessary evil.

Time, or the lack of it, was the main stumbling block….there were never enough hours in the day and we assumed that Georgie would know who we were and how important we are in her life…or so we thought.

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Hokkien words – coming!

Georgia has started saying some Hokkien Chinese words!

Her conversations so far have been mainly in English – we do seem to speak it as the main form of communication but not intentionally or planned in any way. We do however try to speak in our own ‘Rojak’ or melting pot of language. So I’ve been wondering when Georgia would come up with something from the other languages we speak and what those words would be.

‘Jiu’ as in pang-jiu (English: pee-pee) is her first, clearly focussed on my obsession with trying to get her out of her nappies.

Next came…. ‘bak’ as in chiak bak (literal English : eat meat).

I wonder what’s next?