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The weekend visit to the lake brought more excitement that one could have ever imagined to the life of my dear 16-month old. The duck and goose chasing became more than just a practise in independent walking…..

You see, G is used to seeing ducks, two-dimensional, usually yellow, on the pages of her books, occassionally we get to somewhere where ducks might be in the remote vicinity, but she had, until the weekend past, that is, yet to be close enough to actually touch one.

The lakeside was filled with swans and geese and ducks, pretty as they were, they filled the entire pathway with ‘crap’, but i digress. My dear sweet girl, could not help but struggle to get away from us, down on her feet, arms flapping wildly to try and catch the birds.

duckDuckDUCK!!! duckDuckDUCK!!!

Probably thinking that calling out to them might bring the ducks and geese closer to her, and some did, and that’s when I realised all 77cm of her stood eyeball to eyeball with the geese, albeit fearlessly!

And me, due to my crazy geese-pecking-phobia, (and before you ask, No! I have never before been goose-pecked) I quickly pick up my avian-loving baby and leg it out of there…..before well, before


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