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A Nappy-free day out!

Finally!! We made it to the Land of the Nappy-free (in the day time at least!).
We are still navigating slowly in the nights – but that is another story.

This one begins with a day out – to Bath and then to The Mall at Cribbs.

It was a hesitant decision to not use pull-ups. We have had several short outings in ‘pretty panties’ but nothing like being out the whole day. Main concerns were – what do we do when we’re going at 70 mph down the M4 and Georgia decides she needs to wee – granted we have the travel pottee (a very useful invention) but stopping on the gravelly hard shoulder with other cars whizzing by at 100mph simply is not safe!

Thankfully, I didn’t have to worry. With a little planning and anticipation, (well it’s all about timing) once she had done a big wee at home we left straight-away to head to Bath. The travel pottee was used twice that day, but there were also other successful visits to the loos in Cribbs.

So all in all, a very successful dry day out!

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