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St Johns on the Hill – Day 1

Yesterday was Georgia’s first day back at nursery after a year-long sojourn….and it all went very very well.

I’m glad to say there was no hesitation on her part in ‘going to school’ and she got straight in to join the other children. We left with a day of pleasure and rest on our mind – although i must report, we acheived neither.

I’m really pleased with St Johns on many many accounts… but most of all, I’m so pleased at how different the philosophies are to¬†Greenfields where she was before.

Picking Georgia up from St. Johns, we were –

  • encouraged to walk up to her group (Ladybirds)
  • told what transpired in the day (didn’t eat much – just nibbles, lots of going to the toilet; played outside, water play and made a craft fish,¬†napped for 1hr 25 mins!)

After our experience with Greenfields, (we were not allowed to see the children ‘in the setting’, not encouraged to be too involved), St Johns is a welcome change. It was very pleasing to see her so happy and occupied playing away before she realised we were there.

It’s a shame that it’s such a long journey or I would seriously consider putting her in for a couple of half-days a week rather than the one full day.

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