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Swimming – and the Unpreparedness of it all!

We all went swimming yesterday – or at least that was the plan. Georgia had helped her dad neatly pack a bag complete with towels, combs and toiletries. The efficiency of it all – just to go to waste as we LEFT IT AT HOME!

The drive to Newport International Sports Village is a good 20 minutes away, after a quick stop at Boots to pick up some essentials (read – nappies!) we made our way to the swimming pool.

It was fun-filled and exciting with a fair in the stadium car park – we were debating whether we should both go in or just one of us – the cost has become rather prohibitive – and it pains me to pay close to £6 just for our family to swim.

It was only after we got out of the car did we realise, we had left the swimming bag at home! Thankfully, Georgia and Daddy had their swimming costume and trunks on. Having said that, we had no towel, no shampoo or soap …Nothing!

Still that was but a small minor issue, there was no way of convincing Georgia that we could not swim! So we did – at least Daddy did. I sat on the sidelines watching this fearless girl go on without armbands — she even seemed to manage to use a kick-board to stay afloat at the deeper end!

And after all that, a quick shower to wash off all the chlorine and we managed an ‘improvised’ towel with a Winnie the Pooh hooded cardie…

Who says a girl can’t go swimming without her swimming bag?!

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