Conversations with Georgia: About God…

Georgia asked an interesting question today, one which we were not quite sure how to approach or answer.

As we were eating our mid-morning snack, she casually asked:

G: Is God white?

Me: Do you mean, like paper white or like a person who is fair?

G: Paper-white…(she replies without hesitation)

Me: (At this point wondering if we should try first to approach a ‘concept’ of God) Well…

Then Dad says: God is all colours.

….And that seems to satisfy her, for now.

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  • Just like Joseph’s techni-color coat 🙂

    • Hey Mei…Yes! Completely….Any dream will do 🙂

  • My kids have heard me go on and on about how *I think* (always made clear) that God is not male or female, and yet is both. Beyond duality but containing duality. We’ve never talked about colors, but maybe they will extrapolate.

    Kudos to Dad for coming up with a great answer so fast!

    • That’s a great way of explaining ‘all encompassing’. I like especially the emphasis that these are your own thoughts. Thanks for sharing, definitely something I’m booking marking for the future.

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