Mar 23, 2011 - Family, Learning, Life, Parenting    2 Comments

Tadpoles – zoom!

We have been ‘keeping’ tadpoles and have watched them turn from spawn, to tiny little tadpoles. Today, Georgia found that she could make them ZOOM!

We haven’t fed them at all…Do we have to feed them? If so, what do they eat?

It’s certainly taking a lot longer for our tadpoles to turn to frogs… how come Mr Bean’s only takes 2 nights?

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  • Tadpoles are great to raise. The boys want to get some when we move.
    TV does change the way we think things should happen doesn’t it?! All so much quicker on the screen. 🙂

    • They are proving to be quite interesting, although we have so many in an ice cream container, I fear there might be a lesson in over-crowding and over-population LOL
      You’re moving soon then? How exciting!

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