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Queen Bees and Wannabes…enough already!

Enough is enough. A few weeks ago I wrote about some ‘mean-girl‘ experiences that five year old Georgia has been unfortunate enough to encounter. We have tried to encourage her to a) laugh it off b) turn and walk away c) play with someone else; all very logical but obviously very ‘grown-up’ ways of responding.

Things came to a head yesterday, in a way that left me fuming. C, was no longer the only perpetrator,  and her close pals, R and B have joined in the game.

R, on Friday,apparently tipped all the glue out and accusingly said “Georgia did it” This was followed by B, yesterday who, accused Georgia of tearing up her picture. Much as my child is no angel, the occurrences are just not something she would be capable of making up.

So enough was enough, this time I asked Georgia what she wanted me to do. “Can you talk to Miss Jones? Maybe when you go in to Science Club…” And that was all I needed to hear.

I went in this morning, not the angry, raving lunatic I felt like the night before, thankfully sleep and a couple of episodes of Glee had calmed me down sufficiently. But I did work on an angle.

I raised great concern that it was no longer a single source, stories were being made up and lies being told, and the fact that the children stay in the same class throughout their primary school years, adds to great need for the issue to be solved or resolved from now. It had in essence become bullying, apparently in a form most typical of girls.

And the resolution: A ‘chat’ took place today. Details of which I am not sure of (as Georgia says “I’ve forgotten”) but it does seem to have worked, fingers crossed that’s the last of it!

I’ve read and read so many excellent websites in trying to work all this out, if this list might be helpful to somebody….

Queen Bees and Wannabes are mentioned here: a book that I would like to get hold of….

Details of Early Childhood Bullying (I arrived here via

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