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Apr 16, 2011 - Ballet, Conversations, Learning, Life    2 Comments

Conversations with Georgia: Primary Ballet exams

And just after the swimming award we have been issued with a Primary Ballet exam notice…

Primary Ballet

Now Georgia has not always been very keen on going to ballet.
Although she is a natural dancer with a completely natural sense of rhythm, she has on many occasions moaned and groaned (yes there has even been tears) about going to ballet.

However, once she’s in, she loves it, and she comes out asking to come back again. (You know the saying, children know what they want not what they need?)

So anyway, realising she has to do these Ballet exams, her first reaction is.

G: No, I don’t want to do them
Me: Are you sure? You’ll get a certificate just like the one for swimming…
G: Really ? (her eyes opening wide, at the thought)
Me: Yeah sure.
G: Oh, OK then.

So there we are….Primary Ballet exam – bring it on!!!

Mar 29, 2011 - Family, Learning, Life, Parenting    1 Comment

Queen Bees and Wannabes…enough already!

Enough is enough. A few weeks ago I wrote about some ‘mean-girl‘ experiences that five year old Georgia has been unfortunate enough to encounter. We have tried to encourage her to a) laugh it off b) turn and walk away c) play with someone else; all very logical but obviously very ‘grown-up’ ways of responding.

Things came to a head yesterday, in a way that left me fuming. C, was no longer the only perpetrator,  and her close pals, R and B have joined in the game. Read more »