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Conversations with Georgia: Look at me!

You know how it is, you try to do about 5 (gazillion!) things at once, limited by having only one pair of eyes. As Georgia was trying to get me to watch her attempt skating she half shouts at me

G: Mum, look at me!
Me: Ok (My eyes still glued to the browser on my phone! – Haven’t they said iPhones are evil?!)
G: Mum, look at me now!
Me: Mmmm…ok (not yet looking)
G: I tell you, PUT AWAY THAT PHONE, it is NOT IMPORTANT. It’s much more important to look at me, not at the phone!

So what do you think I did next? 🙂

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  • I love it when kids remind us what really matters! As I was reading this, though, I was imagining my typical afternoon when I’m sitting outside with my three youngest and I’ve been “watching” all day and I just want to pay attention to something else for a minute, like crocheting or a quick magazine article… they are insatiable when it comes to performing! 😀

    • Elena your kids are so lucky! I suppose it keeps coming back to focussing on or in the moment which you describe so well in some of your posts. I need to keep reminding myself of that …or maybe I should just chuck the phone 🙂

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