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When I Grow Up…

Georgia came home with a homework sheet on Monday. In it, she was supposed to draw what she wanted to be or do when she grew up.

This was what she drew.

When I Grow Up...

I know Obstetrician is a big word for a 5-year old’s vocabulary, but it’s very specific, she’s not interested in doctor-ing children, just babies, particularly helping mummies with their babies being born.

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  • So cute! My daughter recently drew a picture of herself in lots of huge clothes and a big helment with the caption: “I want to be a fire fitr”! Fireman boyfriend VERY pleased.

    • That sounds so very cute too! 🙂 She’ll be breaking new ground…I’ve not seen a woman fire-fighter although I’m sure they’re out there.

  • It looks like Georgia’s ob has wings so it’s an obsterician angel?

  • LOL …According to her, it’s the sleeves of the doctor’s scrubs (lab coat, she calls it). If you look closely, (poor picture I know, sorry) this doctor, is very dressy, with a necklace, as well as a stethoscope 😉

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