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Hair bobbles, hair bobbles everywhere, no more.

I really should have posted this amazingly simple bit of organisation that 5-year old Georgia was thoroughly taken with, on Sunday when it took place.

If your girl is anything like mine, you would undoubtedly be overflowing with hair bobbles, hair pins, hair ribbons….everything remotely hair related! We found an excellent, relatively cheap way of organising it all using craft toolkit boxes. We got ours, Craft box, that is, at The Works for £1.99, but we have also seen them in The Range.

Hair organisation

Apart from moving to a bigger house, have you any other great tips for organising kids stuff?

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  • The only thing we’ve really done (aside from having the lego organised and a few baskets to put things in) is to have regular throw-outs/give-aways of toys. I know some people rotate the toys they have, so some are in storage. Could that help?

    • Yes, we really do need a good clear out soon. I’m finding though that G isn’t particularly happy to part with long – forgotten toys upon rediscovery and I have to do it sneakily. Perhaps a lesson for the future…hhmmm…

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