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Feb 18, 2008 - Conversations, Parenting    No Comments

Georgia's puns

Centre – Santa Claus

Every morning, when we brush teeth before bath-time, we say

“Left, left left, Centre centre, centre, right right right.”

Lab (glasses) – (mummy’s) lap

When she found my laboratory safety spectacles, Georgia asked what they were, upon being told that they were lab glasses, she patted my lap and sit on mummy’s lap.

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A Nappy-free day out!

Finally!! We made it to the Land of the Nappy-free (in the day time at least!).
We are still navigating slowly in the nights – but that is another story.

This one begins with a day out – to Bath and then to The Mall at Cribbs.

It was a hesitant decision to not use pull-ups. We have had several short outings in ‘pretty panties’ but nothing like being out the whole day. Main concerns were – what do we do when we’re going at 70 mph down the M4 and Georgia decides she needs to wee – granted we have the travel pottee (a very useful invention) but stopping on the gravelly hard shoulder with other cars whizzing by at 100mph simply is not safe!

Thankfully, I didn’t have to worry. With a little planning and anticipation, (well it’s all about timing) once she had done a big wee at home we left straight-away to head to Bath. The travel pottee was used twice that day, but there were also other successful visits to the loos in Cribbs.

So all in all, a very successful dry day out!

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Conversations with Georgia: Georgia's a bird.

This conversation occured this morning after  a short discussion on birds and their feathers.

G: “Georgia’s a bird too”

Me: “Oh you want to be a bird?”

G: “Yes – fly”

Me: “Where do you want to fly to?”

G: “Penang – see Mama in Penang”

Note – a long way to fly – over 6000 miles to fly from the UK to Penang, Malaysia to see Mama – (maternal grandmother).

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Conversations with Georgia: Mummy, go work

An almost 2-year old Georgia started this conversation in the car after dropping Daddy off to work, at the train station.

“Mummy, go work”

The cogs in my head start turning….”Do you want mummy to go to work?”

G: “Yes!”

Me: “Don’t you want mummy to stay at home with you?”

G: A hesitant…”no”

Me: “But if i go to work, you have to start going to nursery. I will have to drop you every morning at the nursery. Do you want that?”

G: “Mummy go nursery too…”

So there you have it – I need a new job at the nursery!

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Dry in the day!

In Penang, Malaysia:

Day 2 of – No nappies during the day time.

Georgia sits on a towel in her car seat – in case of accidents but so far only 1 during an extremely long journey to Sunshine Square!

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Pa-pah…no more food

21st October 2007 — New word ‘pa-pah’ hockkien for full — when had had enough to eat.
Of course, I question whether Georgia really is pa-pah or whether she’s learnt to say that so that I stop poking the spoon at her mouth.
Whatever her reason — it works!

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Me's — the new possesive noun

As Georgia’s vocabulary continues to explode at an astounding pace, as it does with most toddlers, it is fascinating to notice that she is not just copying and mimicking what we say but is starting to build some sentence structure and grammar, albeit miniature versions.

That’s how Me’s becomes the new possesive noun.

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Baby's Potty

Georgia’s words — Pot- tee…. and mng-mng… both mean wanting to sit on the potty.

How wonderful if we didn’t have to buy nappies anymore!
I’ve been working hard towards that goal and Georgia now does generally understand the concept of the potty for both poo-ing and pee-ing. Also help by a great Usborne book Baby’s Potty. Read more »

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How well do I know my Georgie-girl?

We have long lived with the assumption that putting Georgia in nursery while we both earn enough to maintain our current standard of living was a necessary evil.

Time, or the lack of it, was the main stumbling block….there were never enough hours in the day and we assumed that Georgie would know who we were and how important we are in her life…or so we thought.

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