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Me's — the new possesive noun

As Georgia’s vocabulary continues to explode at an astounding pace, as it does with most toddlers, it is fascinating to notice that she is not just copying and mimicking what we say but is starting to build some sentence structure and grammar, albeit miniature versions.

That’s how Me’s becomes the new possesive noun.

Things that belong to Daddy are called Daddy’s — ‘tie’, ‘pen’, ‘pillow’ and things belonging to Mummy are called Mummy’s ‘shirt’, ‘socks’.

Most mornings we have a short laze in bed after a nice bath and Georgia points to Daddy’s pillow and says “Daddy’s” then points to Mummy’s pillow and says “Mummy’s” and points to her own pillow and says “Me’s” — which in the most logical of languages would be correct except that English is always awkward and things that belong to me are known as ‘mine’.

I think she’s slowly starting to get the hang of it.

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