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Conversations with Georgia: When I am old….

Georgia is fascinated with gadgets and basically anything that looks as if it may make life a little easier.  She has been impressed by the walk-in baths, the ones with the doors on the side, and fascinated by walking sticks.

So one day as we were getting ready to get in to the bath,

G: Mummy when I am old, please can you get me a walking stick and the open-door bath?

I just burst out laughing….but what a lovely thought.

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Conversations with Georgia: Brang the past tense of Bring

It’s amazing how Georgia’s english grammar is almost always perfect. We have never attempted to teach or explain to her why we use past tense or present tense – she seems to have picked it up perfectly.

This is evident in the use of : Brang…
As Georgie would say, I brang this baby here today.

After all, if the past tense of sing is sang and the past tense of ring is rang….then why not the past tense of bring be brang!

Conversations with Georgia: Mummy, when were you a baby?

We’re in the car travelling back home from Cardiff when a little voice in the back seat asks:

G: Mummy, when were you a baby?
Me: Oh that was quite a long time ago.
G: So where was I when you were a baby?
Me: You were not born yet…
G: Yes but where was I?

…. what would you have said, given that Georgia is just over 3 years old.

Dad eventually joins the conversation:

D: Mummy and daddy did not know each other then, we were only babies. So you were not born yet.
G: But why?

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Jack and the Beanstalk: Fee-Fi-Fo-Fum

Over the past week, Undy Nursery had been working on a ‘Jack and the beanstalk’ theme.

They read the story, planted beans, watch a show on TV. Georgia is already familiar with the story from an activity sticker book she got about a year or two ago.

This morning, she sang the Fee-fi-fo-fum song and completely had me in stitches. Why, you’d wonder would this song –

I smell the blood of an Englishman
Be he alive or be he dead
I’ll have his bones to grind my bread

 be so funny?

only because – we live in Wales and Undy Nursery School is a ‘Welsh’ School.

I did think they were taking the Welsh-English discontent to extreme until I found out that the words were the original!

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Trial at Undy Nursery – 1/4/2009

Having arrived back from a busy London trip on Tuesday, 31st March, we were lucky to have managed to pull off the Undy Nursery trial session without too much challenge.

Given that 1-3pm is usually nap time – Georgia did exceedingly well, and was very well behaved at the trial session. She was not particularly keen on letting me go initially but after hanging about for half an hour, I managed to convince her that I needed to use the loo at home, and she was quite happy to stay at nursery for about an hour more before I came to pick her up.

So the trial session went well – now to see how actual nursery goes! Goodbye afternoon naps!

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Conversations with Georgia: Mummy ate a Ladybug…

We were on our way to the Rogiet train station when we had this conversation.
G: Mummy, you had to go to the surgery and Daddy and I went shopping.
Me: Oh yes…
G: And when you were not well, did you eat a ladybug?
Me: What? Why did I eat a ladybug?
G: You were not well – you had a ladybug.

Then it occurs to me that we have been telling Georgia that when people are ill they have a bug…I suppose by natural extension it means they have swallowed a ladybug, of course!

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Conversations with Georgia: Who body else?

The conversation about who else goes to gymnastics. It goes along the lines of…

G: And Anwen will be there, and Shirley will be there.

G: Mummy, who body else will be there?

Interestingly – if you stop to think about it, ‘who body else’ does make sense if it follows on from the ‘Anybody else?’ question.

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Conversations with Georgia: Quatre or Cut

Listening to our French CD – Salut Serge in the car, we have learnt to count along in French.

“Un, deux, trois… “and Georgia automatically says ‘Quatre’.

G: Mummy, what is Quatre?

Me: Quatre is four – one two three four

G: No, cut is blood!

The joys of being multi-lingual!