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A Cello on Approval!

We had quite a day out today – — decided to have dim sum for lunch – hadn’t had it for ages and we went to Bristol which is across the Severn Bridge (30-40 mins drive) not that far but it does cost 5.40 to cross the bridge – we used to go to Bristol really often when we were both working as we had the bridge tag which was paid monthly so the weekend crossing didn’t really add to the cost – but lately it’s counting pennies 😀

So anyway – fab news is — i figured while we were there, we’d try to get to the (Bristol Violins) violin/cello shop for Georgia to be sized up for a cello – and woo hoo they actually had an 1/8th cello in.

And initially the man said that she looked a bit small but she was quite a natual with it.
It was rather pricey – nearly £300 so we weren’t really looking at buying it – but asked about options cause they do a rental scheme too.
But the guy, Neil, I think his name was, he was not too sure about how well she was sized up and recommended that we come in to meet the professional cellist — so we’ve an appointment on June 6th to see Juliet the cellist.

And we were just going to leave without the cello – and Georgie was really keen on going home with one. And they had a fabulous suggestion – they allowed us to have the cello on approval – which means basically we got it on loan and cost all of £3! for insurance!

We got home pretty late and Georgia immediately wanted to play it – so we set it up and sat her down on her chair and I was very surprised – she’s actually quite good a producing sounds! – She doesn’t bow very well – as in the bow does run up and down where it shouldn’t but other than that – she seems very natural at it – which is quite amazing.
So anyway – we’re heading back to Bristol on the 6th of June to have more advice and perhaps find out more about possible teachers who will take her on at this stage.

I had a little play around and i’m glad i still remember bits from my uni days … so i think we’ll be playing a little every day and see how it goes!

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First Day of Sunshine 2009!

A beautiful day of sunshine and temperatures of 12 degrees! We went out without coats and played in the park.
Went to McD’s for a treat and got some gardening gloves – don’t be silly – of course they had to be pink!

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A whole new set of verbs…

And to prove that her vocabulary continues to expand exponentially, Georgia has now decided to ‘invent’ words….

Sticker-ing – to stick stickers
Up-ping – to get up “I’m not upping like that” on to the bed

…and while these words are neither technically nor gramatically incorrect in tehir contextual use – how do I explain to my two-year old – that ‘stickering’ is not a word.

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Row, row, row your boat


Do you know how to sing it?


Row, row, row your boat
Gently down the stream.
Merrily merrily merrily
Life is but a dream.
Row, row, row your boat
Gently down the stream.
If you see a crocodile,
Don’t forget to scream.
Row, row, row the boat
Gently down the river
If you see a polar bear
Don’t forget to shiver
Row, row, row the boat
Gently in the bath
If you see a spider
Don’t forget to laugh  
Row, row, row the boat
Gently down the stream
Faster, faster and faster
In to the water we go!






W-H questions…What?

Georgia has started to get the hang of questioning and sometimes it can feel like a constant interogation.

At a visit to the Mall (@ Cribbs Causeway) on Saturday we sat next to a mummy and baby pair in the food court, soon enough the questions started.

G: What’s the mummy doing?
Me: Feeding the baby.
G: What’s the baby doing?
Me: Eating
G: What’s the baby eating?
Me: A sandwich
…and then it starts again…
G: What’s the mummy doing?

Me: ???

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Baby's potty

I was so so so impressed today – I’ve been trying to potty train Georgia ‘properly’Given it’s warm here and her wetting her pants isn’t too much of an issue here – so she’s been out of nappies

In the day time – and when we’re out I try not to put her in nappies so her car seat is lined with an old towel so it doesn’t get wet incase of an accident.

Although she had a nappy on most of the mornign while we were shopping at Gurney Plaza, she stayed dry – and I only found out a lunch time (at A&W) when she asked for Baby’s potty…at which point i took her to the nearest ladies loo and found a dry nappy.

So hopefully if we can keep this up and it works well — we won’t have to buy nappies any more!!! YIPPEE!