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Conversations with Georgia: Police Dogs

Travelling in the car along the motorway, Georgia remains unusually silent for quite a while, and then she asks

G: Mum, do you know what police dogs do?
Me: Hhmmm….what do they do?
G: They look for bad people, thieves and all that, by smelling them.
Me: Oh, do bad people smell different?
G: I DON’T KNOW – but dogs can smell them!

So there you are – bad people, you’d better behave – Police dogs can smell you.

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  • *Just leaving to have a bath* !

    Very funny. HMSx

    • Hahaha…your comment had me in stitches.
      Unfortunately, we did have that discussion too – apparently that type of ‘bad’ smell doesn’t wash off….but i’m sure you’ll be fine!

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